• All you need to start your business is a logo!
  • Our white label solution is an all inclusive package of features that helps startups to take off without entering into a complex software development process.

Here are the features you will need:

Pricing Model

Configure prices for ‘Ride and Pay’ as well as ‘Get a Plan’ models

Setup Business Rules

  • Setup Geo-fences for targeted areas (Ride zone, no-ride zone, slow speed zone)
  • Setup Vehicle Booking Parameters
    • Minimum distance to detect and unlock vehicle
    • Minimum battery level for vehicle to be available for ride
    • Maximum vehicle reservation time
    • Maximum ride pause time

Customer Service

  • Communicate with customers on queries and disputes
  • Provide customers with FAQs to operate vehicle and app
  • Help customers with documents such as ‘Parking Manual’, ‘Traffic Rules’, ‘Safety Measures’ etc.

Fleet Management

  • Add vehicles as individual units or upload in bulk
  • View vehicles with ride, battery, location and other information
  • Trigger commands such as ‘Ring Anti-theft Alarm’, ‘Turn on Lights’ from admin console
  • View vehicle efficiency matrix to schedule repair & maintenance
  • Manage fleet by creating tasks on vehicles and assigning to field-staff

User Management

  • Create staff users and assign roles with highly flexible user management module
  • View customer profiles, documents
  • enable/disable internal user as well as customer profiles


  • View rides on map (Ongoing, completed, cancelled, reserved etc.)
  • View payments and parking information for completed rides


  • View revenue summary by day, week and month
  • View statistics of total vehicles, total rides and total revenue plotted on graph
  • Booking habits to optimize ride hotspots and maximize revenue

Content Management

Manage content on mobile app from admin best sarms company console regarding:

  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and conditions

Attract riders with easy to use and interactive mobile apps. Mobile app helps riders to:

  • Sign up using phone, email or social media.
  • Link credit card and add money to in-app wallet
  • Detect and reserve vehicles
  • Take rides and pay with one click
  • Purchase booking plans for continuous riding throughout the week, month etc.
  • Submit feedback, query, dispute with one click
  • View ride history, payment history and wallet statement
  • Receive in-app notifications for ride, vehicle etc.
  • Upload documents to validate profile (If required by regulations)