Do you help with Government rules and regulations

We help businesses with research on rules and regulations in their targeted regions. This reduces time to identify appropriate channels to apply for permits and licenses.

Which hardware is compatible with your software?

Our software is hardware agnostic. While we have integrated an array of hardwares, it does not limit our reach to provide services. If you have a hardware supplier ready, we’ll be glad to integrate them to our app!

Do you help with securing funds?

Yes, we help with setting up demo portals with required customizations so businesses can present their case to investors better. (Do away with pitch decks and show your investors how are going to run the business and be in control of it)

How long does it take to go live?

With a whitelabel solution, an app can go live in 1 week. However, this is subjective to business readiness. We have delivered a project in the smallest time frame of 1 week; whereas few projects have taken more than a quarter. ?

How do we manage vehicle security?

Our servers keep track of location and position of vehicles. In the event of vehicle movement outside of a defined geographical area or theft, the system sends an alert to the admin console. These alerts can be sent to on-field staff as well as customers.

Customer apps can be equipped with features to report damage, theft and fraud and incur incentives (Wallet Credits, Free rides etc.)

Do we provide hardware (Scooters, IoT Devices, Bikes etc.)

We primarily focus on software. We connect you to hardware suppliers and facilitate negotiations. We are to offer software and hardware as a single package in near future.

How do we provide support?

Our admin console has a feature to create service requests. Access to this feature can be shared with your admins, managers etc. We receive service requests and flag it with priority. Resolution to service request is provided based on urgency and complexity.

Does Coruscate own my data?

Data is owned by the you, not Coruscate. Our role is of a facilitator and we claim no ownership of data of the business. We provide data extraction via reports, statistical widgets and database access for further analysis. Also, we use data analytics tools to provide greater insights to your business

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