Don’t Assemble, Just Ride

Starting a shared mobility business is a tough journey. Two major pain points are procuring hardware and software solutions. We leverage our technologies and network to help entrepreneurs to make right and cost effective decisions.

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Network of Hardware Suppliers

We had a fortune of collaborating with job fairs near me leading players in shared mobility such as Okai, Ninebot, Omni, ACTON and others. Our network of работа 15+ hardware suppliers and OEMs helps in narrowing down the list of vehicles, IoT devices in matter of hours rather weeks.

Network of SIM Suppliers

Providing solutions around the world has helped us work with leading IoT SIM providers such as Hologram, ThingsMobile and Vodafone. This helps us with reducing vehicle testing time to days rather than weeks.

Network of Consultants

Our solutions have helped businesses to take off in 15+ countries. This helped us get a holistic view of micro-mobility from Europe to North America to Australia and the Middle-East. We leverage our experience and expertise to resolve complex problems at minimal cost and maximum assiduity.

Our network helps us be one place to conceptualise, build and go live with shared mobility business in weeks instead of months.

We are new kids on the block, our journey started in 2019. So far, we have uncovered the following business models.

Free-floating Rides

Simplest version of mobility that allows the user to detect a vehicle nearby, unlock by scanning QR code and pay once the ride is complete.

Booking Plans

A more trustworthy model than ‘free-floating rides’. This model allows users to purchase a pass for an hour, a day, a week or a month to take unlimited rides in a specific timeframe.

Station Based Rides

A model that curbs illegal parking and vandalism. Customers can pick up vehicles from a station and drop it at a specific station. Having hubs of vehicles for pickup and drop not only provides security, but also helps with in-time repair and maintenance.

Guided Tour

Making mobility fun, this model allows users to travel along a circuit of destinations in a travel hotspot. The app can also be used to provide travelers with insights on tourist attractions and improve user experience.

Private Fleet

Freedom is not always good, limiting vehicle access to specific users such as in-office staff or university students can be a great model for targeted audiences.


A more evolved use case of ‘Booking Plans’ provides users with virtual ownership of vehicles and an app that works as a virtual mechanic.

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